10 Helpful Hints for First Time Visitors to Okinawa

Okinawa is 400 Miles from the main island of Japan, and different in many ways.

36 hours 7,400 miles after leaving Indiana, we landed half a world away in Okinawa, Japan, for the very first time. During the next weeks we learned so much about this beautiful little subtropical island in the East China Sea and am so glad you could come with me in my Awesome Okinawa series. If you haven’t been able to view them yet, search this Shineyvisions channel or go see my posts on my Shineyvisions website. To conclude this series, we’ve taken what we learned as first time visitors and put together 10 Helpful Hints that will hopefully make it smoother for other first time visitors to Okinawa. So here we go!

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Get more information about visiting Okinawa at their tourism site here!

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