About Shine

Hello! My name is Shine and welcome to my website!

It’s my official name, ever since I emigrated to the United States as a youngster. Growing up in an Asian family and experiencing much of the culture as someone “peering from outside looking in” gave me a curiosity to learn as much as possible about my new environment and the people in it. From those roots grew a fascination with learning about cultures, places, lifestyles and foods everywhere. And I LOVE to capture what I learn through my passion for photography. Now being recently retired, I have the opportunity to share these experiences and thoughts through this website.  My domain name of ShineyVisions seemed a perfect fit!  The world is fascinating, not just the far corners of it, but in your own backyard too. Please come alongside me as I share my journey of learning and exploration! For more about me, please click here!!


  1. Hi, I really enjoyed your post about the Viking Grand European Tour! We have booked that tour for June-July 2024. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and honest reflections!

    1. Thank you! You will not be disappointed on your Grand European Cruise!! There will be so much to learn and explore!! Best wishes on your upcoming trip!!

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