Awesome Okinawa Part I: Journey to a Different World

Food in Okinawa is delicious, and can be much different from the main island of Japan.

There suddenly arose a perfect and unexpected opportunity. With my son Timothy already stationed in Okinawa, husband Jerry’s new job just so happened to involve supporting the military in Okinawa. AND…it required travel to this island. So, after thinking that I wouldn’t see my son and his wife again until his tour of duty in Okinawa ended and they returned stateside, the wheels for my epic overseas journey began to turn. We traveled twice to Okinawa, totaling 2 months on island, with the last trip before the pandemic. Join me as I share the first part of this amazing experience, Awesome Okinawa Part I: Journey to a Different World. In this video, we travel halfway across the world and deal with a 13 hour time difference as we learn our way around the local shops to stock our kitchen.

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