Awesome Okinawa! Part II – A First Look!

Painted Wall of cute Okinawan Children
Seawalls are sometimes painted by school children and businesses

The storm of the last couple of days has finally blown past, the dark ominous clouds have parted and people are outdoors again!! The residual high winds form white capped waves pushing against the waters, bringing out the surfers. Fishermen cast their lines in the early morning light and older women, covered from head to toe, walk briskly along the seawall. Military personnel jog by, feral cats bask in the golden sunlight and gray-haired ladies talk happily under the shade of an awning, glad to see each other again. Darkly tanned, leathery skinned men sit together on the seawall, laughing and smoking, children in cute uniforms walk to school, Chinese tourists take selfies near the water and toddlers play in the warm sand. A woman in a lotus pose serenely meditates while others practice martial arts on the beach. This is Okinawa!!

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