San Diego, California and a Request for Feedback!

Hello everyone! I am in San Diego, California currently. It’s sunny and in the 70’s most of the time here, with low humidity. I can understand why people love living here.

Rockscapes instead of lawns, it makes sense!

I walk several miles each day exploring areas near my Residence Inn while my husband is off to work.  Neighborhoods nearby are well maintained with neat homes with terra cotta shingled roofs. Some are surrounded by grassy lawns, but many have lovely natural scapes that use rocks and succulents that don’t require much watering. Some yards are even carpeted with AstroTurf. A local told me that after they converted their lawn to a natural scape, they saved $1000 per month in water bills! To me these desert landscapes are prettier than grass too.

La Jolla Shores Park

One evening we drove north to La Jolla. It is an upscale, trendy area with sky rocketing real estate prices, fashionable boutiques and popular restaurants. This evening we visited La Jolla Shores Park, with its craggy cliffs towering over ocean and beaches. Piles of sea lions basked in the sun on rocks below, the alpha males pointing their snouts skyward to demonstrate their dominance while the females sleep lazily alongside. Pelicans and seagulls rest nearby, occasionally taking flight to hunt for fish over the foamy white capped waters.

Seagull ready to hunt
One Snoring Sealion
Pelican ready to go fishing

We stayed until the sun sank into the horizon, scattering its fiery glow across the rippling waters as well as the hazy cloud strewn sky above. As the skies darken, a chill blows in off the waves. Sleepy Sea lions slide off their warm rocks and waddle clumsily into the ocean. Crowds pack up towels, cameras and children and head to their cars. Yes, I totally understand the allure of this place.

La Jolla Sunset

And finally, I have a question for you, my dear readers. Its time to take an assessment of this ShineyVisions blog, that I began nearly a year ago. Since then we have together visited places like Europe, Southern Indiana, Nashville, Chicago and New Orleans.  I have enjoyed and felt privileged to share my photos, thoughts and experiences with you. I would love your suggestions on how I can create more interest and improve this blog. Please comment or send me an email at I appreciate all your inputs!

Thanks again for coming alongside me this past year! We’ve shared great adventures together!


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