About Shine

Hello! My name is Shine and welcome to my website!

It’s my official name, ever since I emigrated to the United States as a youngster. Growing up in an Asian family and experiencing much of the culture as someone “peering from outside looking in” gave me a curiosity to learn as much as possible about my new environment and the people in it. From those roots grew a fascination with learning about cultures, places, lifestyles and foods everywhere. And I LOVE to capture what I learn through my passion for photography. Now being recently retired, I have the opportunity to share these experiences and thoughts through this website.  My domain name of ShineyVisions seemed a perfect fit!  The world is fascinating, not just the far corners of it, but in your own backyard too. Please come alongside me as I share my journey of learning and exploration! For more about me, please click here!!

Hello! Please share your thoughts and impressions!

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