Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg, Germany
Lovely Window Boxes, Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg is considered one of Germany’s most beautiful towns, dating back to the 9th century. It boasts Europe’s largest intact city wall and its Old Town area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

Bamberg, Germany
Riverfront homes, Bamberg, Germany

No one Wanted to Live Along the River

Though waterfront property is considered very desirable for most of us today, back in the middle ages, the riverfront was the last place anyone would choose to live.  Why? Back then everything was dumped into the rivers. They were reeking cesspools of disease and filth. The slaughterhouse in Bamberg is located right on the river, which made it most convenient for dumping their rotten meat and other animal discards into the water. Factories such as tanneries dumped their waste chemicals in the rivers.  Households, if they didn’t dump their chamber pots right in front of their homes, would empty them in the rivers. In addition, when heavy rains came, sometimes shallow graves got washed out, and the decaying bodies eventually ended up floating in these waterways.

You Were Healthier When You Drank Beer

Not surprisingly, there was much disease throughout the cities in the middle ages. However, during this time, people realized that they didn’t get sick as often when they drank beer instead of river water!! Back then, there was no understanding of germs and bacteria. People merely noticed that their health was better when drinking beer instead of water. Eventually most people switched to drinking only beer as their source of hydration. Back then, the beer’s alcohol  content was lower so children even drank it.

At one time, Bamberg had the most breweries of any city IN THE WORLD!! Improving beer quality during that time was sort of stumbled upon. Brewers noticed that the best beers came from breweries that were located next to bakeries. They didn’t understand at the time that the airborne yeast from the bakeries enhanced the fermentation of the beer.

Smoke Beer

Today, the city is renowned for their “Smoke Beer”. In the beginning, all beers were considered “Smoke Beers. The original method of drying green brewer’s malt was over an open flame, so a smoky flavor was infused throughout all the grain. Today, modern processes have eliminated the need for this method of drying, thus the smoke flavor is no longer present in most beers. However, this region in northern Bavaria still uses the authentic methods of brewing Smoke Beer.

Smoke Beer Meal. Bamberg, Germany

The flavor of Smoke Beer is not for everyone. It is quite strong. Some say that the taste can improve the more of it you drink, perhaps as your taste buds acclimate to it. Even before the glass touches your lips, you can catch its pungent smell, reminiscent of a campfire.  It’s opaquely dense, thick, hardy and stout-like.  Jerry LOVED it!!

Brewhouse, Bamberg, Germany

Schlenkerla Brewhouse

The Schlenkerla brewhouse has been in business since 1405. They are famous for Schlenkerla Smoke Beer, which is tapped directly from wooden barrels.

The brewhouse was crowded, but they managed to seat us outdoors, which required us to share a table with another group. Of course, when trying local beer, it only makes sense to sample the local sausages as well. Every city prides themselves in their own version of sausages, and they all tasted great to us. This meal, of Schlenkerla Smoke Beer, Bamberg sausages, kraut, brown bread and a bright yellow dollop of mustard was delicious!!

New Residence, Bamberg, Germany

New Residence

New Residence was constructed beginning in 1613 to house Bamberg’s prince bishops. It has four wings and 40 gloriously appointed rooms that are open for public viewing.

Rose Garden, Bamberg, Germany

Adjacent to the New Residence and overlooking the city, is a delightful English rose garden, where you can walk through and enjoy beautiful varieties, colors and fragrances of roses.

Rose Garden, Bamberg, Germany
Rose Garden, Bamberg, Germany
Bamberg Cathedral

Bamberg Cathedral

Directly across the square from the New Residence is Bamberg Cathedral.  It houses famous works of art and sculptures throughout its imposing and magnificent structure. Its architecture is deemed as late Romanesque and early Gothic.

Directly across the square from the New Residence is Bamberg Cathedral.  It houses famous works of art and sculptures throughout its imposing and magnificent structure. Its architecture is deemed as late Romanesque and early Gothic.

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