Beautiful Biltmore Part 1 – The Back Story

Banquet Hall Centerpiece at the Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate! It’s a fascinating place and I am excited about showing you around.

The Vanderbilt wealth began with George’s grandfather, Cornelius who through his successful business dealings in shipping and railroad became THE richest person in the country. After Cornelius’ death, he passed almost all his wealth to his son William Henry.   He in turn doubled the fortune in a few short years, and eventually amassed the greatest wealth in the world. When William Henry died, he passed his wealth down to his three sons, Cornelius, William and George. Though the Vanderbilt’s heirs engaged in family business as well as philanthropic and other endeavors, they also spent money stupendously on lavish mansions that were seldom used, extravagant parties, and expensive possessions.

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