Shine’s Pictures

Sunflowers from the grocery store this morning.

Capturing beauty and recording experiences through photography has been my passion every since I can remember. You don’t have to go far to capture amazing sites.

I’ve always been one of “those tourists”. You know, the ones with a camera in tow EVERYWHERE they go, photographing everything. But I have never regretted doing that, because afterwards, viewing these photos is like living the adventure all over again.

Shine’s Indiana University in Springtime

New Harmony, Indiana

Viking Grand European Tour River Cruise


  1. Shine,
    You captured Indiana so well, I thought I was with you. Thank you for sharing your new ‘gift’.
    Sandy and Bill

    1. Hello, Bill and Sandy!! So good to hear from you!! Did you have a chance to look at the cruise photos yet? You might find yourself in some of them!!

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