Thurmond, West Virginia Part I – In Video!

Playing at the Blue Ridge Music Center

We met Ron when we stumbled across the The Blue Ridge Music Center, that same day we discovered the town of Thurmond. As he played his guitar and sang, with the mountains as his backdrop on that sunny morning, I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate his music into a video.

He is a singer-songwriter based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Ron’s voice is a gentle, time-worn instrument, with hope and cynicism coexisting in every note. He is a fingerpicking-style guitarist with wide musical range.

His guitar rendition of “Meditation” was perfect for a video of my previous blog post; Thurmond, West Virginia Part I, It was after we listened to Ron that day that we drove on to discover nearby Thurmond. So without any further adieu, here is the video:

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