New Orleans Swamp Tour – What’s Lurking Out There?

It’s Bruce, the 4 month old alligator

New Orleans Swamp Tour – What Lurks Out There?

The Swamp. What hides here, in these dark rivers and densely overgrown forests as ominous bird calls resonate through the moss draped trees. What creatures troll these muddy depths, laying in wait to pounce on unsuspecting individuals? Long shadows stretch over the black waters as some subtle movement causes ripples to radiate across the otherwise still swamp.  It makes one wonder what monstrous creature is lurking in the murky waters below.

Well, actually, a lot of creatures live in the wetlands. They don’t exactly lurk, because, after all, it is their home. And we are about to go see some of them. This day in New Orleans we signed up for a truly unique Louisiana experience, a swamp tour. Glad its bright and sunny today.

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    1. Hello, Dr. Bob!! So good to hear from you again. Always love your comments. At this swamp tour, I wish I could have photographed some of the exotic birds that lived here. They were beautiful, you would have loved seeing them.

      1. Jerry would live to photograph the birds too 😃😃😃👍👍

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