Lunch on the Viking Gefjon

Salad Bar Finds!

Meals were always a treat aboard the Gefjon.

Walking around all morning on city tours gave us great appetites when we returned to the ship!

Viking Gefjon Pasta Station

Lunch offerings on the Viking Gefjon included a buffet with a pasta station as well as an ordering menu. A limited selection of wine and beer are included with the meal as well. Offerings were fresh, great quality, well prepared and tasty! There was enough variety to satisfy anyone’s preferences and diet restrictions.

Viking Gefjon Pasta!
Prosciutto crostini

Along with fresh salad greens, there were many other items to choose from on the buffet.

Viking Gefjon Beef Salad on the salad bar
Viking Gefjon Marinated Vegetables
Viking Gefjon Cabbage Salad on salad bar
Viking Gefjon Lunch Menu
Another Viking Gefjon Lunch Menu
Viking Gefjon Burger and Fries

Hamburgers and hotdogs were cooked on the grill outside on the Aquavit Deck.

Viking Gefjon Fish and Chips

The fish and chips off the menu were delicious!

Viking Gefjon Dame Blanche

Dessert selections could be ordered off the menu and there were others to choose from on the buffet. This Dame Blanche, made with vanilla ice cream, meringue with raspberry and chocolate sauce drizzled on top was excellent!

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