Marksburg Castle and Koblenz Germany

View from Marksburg Castle

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After the splendid cruise through the Rhine River Valley in the morning, we arrived at the town Braubach for a short stop. Overlooking this town is Marksburg castle, seen up high on this steep hill from our cruise ship.

Throughout the 36 mile stretch of this designated UNESCO World Heritage site along the Rhine River Valley, there are 40 castles and fortresses. Of these structures, the Marksburg Castle was only one of two that remained intact through the centuries. Not only that, this 800-year-old castle has been occupied for over 700 years by various families. The continued maintenance and upkeep required for inhabitation no doubt contributed to its well-preserved condition.

See my new video on this amazing area:

What’s next on our Viking Grand European River Cruise? Cologne, Germany!!

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  1. Very nice Shine, Informational and good photos. Thanks for such a good presentation.

    1. Dr. Bob, so good to hear from you again!! You are always so kind. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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